Process description

1. You send us the product picture or link, and give us detailed fabric, quality requirements, quantity, color, size, and process requirements.

2. We give a rough quotation based on the sample picture

3. The two parties have reached a cooperation intention, you take a picture of the processing link and prepay the sample fee of 30 dollars, you send the sample or according to the sample drawing, we will directly make the sample according to the agreed schedule

4. We mail the sample to you for confirmation, you can put forward your suggestions for modification, and we will make the modification

5. According to your order quantity, we will make an accurate design quotation according to the final model

6. After both parties agree to place an order for goods, a 30% deposit is required, and the deadline and delivery time are agreed

7. After the big goods are imitated, you take a picture of the processing link to pay the balance, and we will ship it

8. After you check and accept, confirm that the quantity, quality and workmanship are correct, you confirm the payment of the final payment

Small order customization instructions

Regarding the number of miles: we support a minimum order of 100 pieces, 20 pieces in a single color, and more than 200 pieces can be made in different colors and sizes, depending on the model

Regarding the time: the proofing board is generally about 3-5 days, the simple model can be sampled in 2 days, the ordinary model is normally 3 days, depending on the process and the modification content, the bulk order is generally about 8-12 days, the simple model 5-Can be shipped within 7 days, depending on the style.

About proofing: The first cooperation proofing requires a sample fee of 30 dollars in advance. The sample fee will be refunded if the order quantity is more than 100 pieces. If there is no order or less than 100 pieces, the plate fee will not be refunded. Sometimes the printed model cannot be 100% consistent with the original, there will be some differences.

Regarding freight: All of our sample and bulk orders do not include freight. The delivery logistics options are determined by the customer. The cost is based on the actual collection of the logistics company. If the relevant logistics costs are caused by the company, we can bear it, depending on the situation.set.

.About the quotation: According to the samples you sent, the fabrics, weights, quotations, etc. we first give are rough estimates, and cannot be accurate to 100%. The specifics should be based on the fabrics,The actual quotation for heavy though and craftsmanship shall prevail.

6. For the first order of 100 pieces, our company basically does not make money. It is just to find long-term cooperation friends. Although the number is small and the fabric loss is large, the price will be relatively higher. Generally, it is recommended that the number of friends should be more than 200 pieces., The unit price can be discounted, and the price will be discounted by 1-3 yuan for additional orders later.

Commodity attributes
Craft embroidery;Water wash;Folds;Bow;Cat whisker;printing;Ruffle
Health products Windbreaker
Main processing fabric Cotton;Lace;Chiffon;Polyester;wool;Cashmere;Chemical fiber;Pure cotton
Number of designers 3-5
OEM brand Yidujin CECIL McBEE Qiaobo Disu
Processing category Woven
Processing methods Sample processing;OEM processing;Drawing processing
Product categories Woven
Production capacity 100 (pieces/day)
Production grade high
Proofing cycle 7 days)
style domestic
Used to cooperate with Offline cooperation brand;Taobao Crown Merchant;Ju cost-effective merchants;Tmall merchants
Whether foreign trade no

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